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Create a story
Create a story
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Create a story

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format, allowing creators to host and own their content.

Step 1

Tell stories that need to be seen.

Web Stories are a visual medium. So when it comes to creating one, first think about what people will want to see and hear.

Step 2

Bring your story to life.

Using the method of your choice, edit and customize your story just how you like it.

Step 3

Publish and share.

Once you’re happy with your story, you publish it to your own site, which generates a shareable link just like a blog post.

Step 4

Be found on Google surfaces.

Your story is then surfaced in relevant users’ Google surfaces, like Search and Discover.

Stories carousel is currently only available in US, India, and Brazil.

Make the most of your story.

Integrate on your site

You can showcase all your stories in one place to help drive traffic directly to your website.

Monetize with ads

Web Stories support integration with ad networks, including both direct sold and programmatic ads.

Link out to content

Extend your story with links to videos, articles, products, and even monetizable affiliate links.

Create stories you want to tell, and the way you want to tell them.

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